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WorkSpan Capabilities

Partnership Planning & Reporting

Discover the power of a collaboration network without boundaries that seamlessly connects you with your partners, programs, plans, companies and solutions.

Partnership Planning & Reporting

Integrate data from partners and third-party sources. Develop tailored joint plans, set actionable targets, align strategies effectively and drive focused efforts towards shared goals. Get real-time insights, customize dashboards and QBR-ready charts. Measure performance, analyze key metrics, and identify future tactics to drive success in your partnerships.

Seamless Data Integration

Bring together account data from partners, third-party sources, and mapping tools, ensuring a holistic view of your partnership ecosystem.

Tailored Joint Plans

Develop joint plans using best-practice templates, aligning strategies and objectives with your partners for maximum impact. Define performance KPIs, track and report across partnership.

Real-Time Insights and Reports

Conduct plan reviews and take corrective actions with real-time data, ensuring agility and responsiveness in your partnership strategy. Access best-practice reports and QBR-ready charts, empowering you to communicate insights effectively and drive strategic conversations.

Performance Measurement

Measure critical co-sell metrics such as partner-sourced and influenced pipeline, win revenue, and win rates, enabling informed decision-making.

Best-Practice Partnership Planning Templates

Pre-built templates that encapsulate industry best practices and proven strategies. These templates expedites the planning process, ensuring alignment with partner objectives and maximizing the effectiveness of co-selling initiatives.

With the flexibility to customize templates to suit specific partnership dynamics, organizations can accelerate their planning efforts while maintaining agility and adaptability in their approach.

Report Across Your Ecosystem and Decrease Reliance on 3rd-Party Analytics Tools

WorkSpan’s powerful reporting and analytics capabilities allow you to report on any aspect of your partnering business.

Track any metric, such as pipeline, revenue, funds, activities, and more. View and sort by any field, such as partner, region, industry, solution, stage, etc.

Track Forecast, and Report on Your Business with Real-Time Data

WorkSpan reporting and analytics always fetches the most recently updated data and builds metrics and charts based on available real-time information, so you and your team knows the pulse of the business and is “QBR-ready” at all times.

Easily Share Reports and Securely Collaborate with Partners and Stakeholders

WorkSpan allows you to share charts and metrics without the worry of accidentally sending the wrong spreadsheet to the wrong party.

Data access and sharing settings are made at the organizational level and every user can hide private fields on charts and metrics at anytime, so you can share reports and run cadence calls with confidence.

“When we go into QBRs with the cloud providers, we'll be better informed”

Stuart Francis, Director, WW Cloud Partner GTM Programs at MongoDB shares how WorkSpan is helping them become better prepared for their QBRs and build on top of WorkSpan’s capabilities to build the infrastructure for the future.
Stuart Francis
Director, WW Cloud Partner GTM Programs, MongoDB

WorkSpan Platform helps us monitor and tracks all that we are doing

Hinde Aboulainine, Senior Manager, Global Partner Ecosystem - Business Development and Sales Acceleration at Cisco shares how WorkSpan is helping them get deal-level visibility across partners and regions.
Hinde Aboulainine
Senior Manager, Global Partner Ecosystem - Business Development and Sales Acceleration, Cisco

“We have over 1000 sales plans on WorkSpan with our partners.”

Marc Rolfe, Senior Vice President, Head of Strategic Partners at SAP shares how they are leveraging WorkSpan to make sure that there’s a common understanding of where they’re at and where they’re going around individual sales plans and opportunities.
Marc Rolfe
Senior Vice President, Head of Strategic Partners, SAP

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