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WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition

Powering cloud partnerships at companies like:

Palo Alto

For growing & mission critical cloud partnerships

Painless cloud marketplace listings, custom referral workflows, and private offers embedded directly in your sales process free you to do what you do best- build the partnership.

Whether you’re building a cloud-first GTM, listing on the marketplace for the first time, or already running a strategic partnership with your cloud provider, WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition has everything you need to take your cloud partnership to the next level.

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Powering MongoDB’s multi-cloud partner strategy

On running cloud partnerships

“When we go into QBRs with the cloud providers we’re better informed about what we want to do, and where we need to focus.”

On building a scalable co-selling process

“We need to share the right information to engage with reps and with leadership. We want certain information in certain fields at certain times. And that's where WorkSpan is really, really beneficial for us.”

Stuart Francis
Director - WW Cloud Partner GTM Programs
AWS Marketplace
Partner of the Year
Data and Analytics
Partner of the Year
AWS Education
Partner of the Year
Finalist - NAMER
Finalist - Global ISV Winner - APJ

Propelling Datastax’s GenAI acceleration

“WorkSpan provides a unified view of the deal journey from Co-Sell to Marketplace Offers vs managing multiple data exports to get a unified view with our previous solution. It's about building confidence with the sales team that they can bring deals to the marketplace even on the last day of the quarter.”

Abhishek Reddy
Director, Global AWS Alliance

Driving DeepWatch’s AWS Rising Star partnership

“We are number two in ISV pipeline globally with AWS - WorkSpan was critical to make that happen.”

“Executing manually would have taken us 18 months or more. We achieved it in less than 3-6 months with WorkSpan”

Brett Fountain
Head of AWS Alliances

AWS Finalist

Rising Star ISV Partner of the Year

“Like having unlimited partner ops for your cloud sales programs.”

WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition combines turnkey listing management, customizable referral triggers & workflows, private offers embedded in your CRM, and word class support, leaving you free you to focus where you’re needed most- building the partnership.

Turnkey, full service cloud partner ops

WorkSpan Hyperscaler edition is a full service solution to handle every operational aspect of running your cloud partnership so you can focus where your company needs you- building your partnership.
Planning & Reporting
Marketplace Listing Management
Your Product Offering
Cloud Marketplace Listings
Co-Sell Automation
HubspotSalesforceMicrosoft Dynamics
Your CRM
AWSMicrosoftGoogle Cloud
Cloud Partner Portal
Private Offer Management
Your Sales Process
Cloud Marketplace

Win more deals through cloud marketplaces.

Get transactable marketplace listings running in a couple weeks
WorkSpan can help align your product, partner, and marketing teams to get your solutions listed on the major cloud marketplaces in a couple of weeks. Access available cloud budgets and get your sales teams closing more deals  quickly.
Unlimited usage marketplace listings.
No strings attached.
WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition includes one uncapped marketplace listing. We don't bill you based on the volume of referrals, private offers, or the amount of revenue you transact. Worry about scaling  your partnership & selling as much as you can, not extra fees.
Stop chasing your sales team to leverage your cloud partnership.
Bring cloud marketplaces & co-sell directly into their workflows.
Map your ideal cloud sales process onto your existing CRM flows and embed the ability to refer co-selling deals to your cloud partner and transact via cloud marketplaces directly into your native sales workflows.

Plan for success. Execute with Clarity.

Build your cloud GTM plans and targets directly into the software that tracks and runs your partnership.A single pane of glass tracks Cloud Partner impact to revenue, marketplace offers, referrals and pipeline.

Cloud Partner Revenue YTD


Pace to Quarterly Plan

Cloud Partner Revenue QTD
Cloud Partner Referrals QTD

Cloud Referrals  by Month

YTD Partnership Impact

Sourced Revenue
Sourced Pipeline

WorkSpan Planning & Attribution


Referral pipeline
under management


Cloud referrals processed


Canalys Rated Co-sell Platform

Powered by WorkSpan Co-sell Automation

Choose a platform that gives you ultimate flexibility and scales with your cloud partnership.

Automation + customization

Design your cloud partnership to fit into your GTM. Not the other way around.

Conditional triggers let you define your partner-specific co-selling process, with variants for multi-cloud partnerships, and the ability to define segment, region, or solution-specific business logic.

Data entry is not building a partnership.

Set up fully customized routines to auto-create, update and submit opportunity referrals. Define automated or hybrid inbound referral routing and approval flows.

Virtual data & sales model

Skip making changes to your opportunity object.
Pull referral values from across your partner’s CRM.

WorkSpan’s virtual data model is like AI powered superglue, extending your existing data and sales model to support referral and offer creation across your partner systems. Minimizing data dependencies and IT delays gets your co-sell program running faster and keeps it running smoother.

Create live formulas, dynamic values, and selective update logic for co-sell referrals.

Every cloud provider requires different inputs to co-sell and create transactable marketplace offers. WorkSpan’s data & process abstraction layer lets you make changes to your cloud sales program without getting bogged down with retooling your CRM.

Close the quarter with confidence

High throughput, API-based Integrations trusted by the world’s most valuable cloud partners.

With 1,000,000 co-selling opportunities synced, you can always rely on WorkSpan Co-sell Automation to manage your referral and private offer volume quickly and accurately. Real-time alerts, escalations, and powerful triage flows mean you can count on your cloud infrastructure even on the last day of the quarter.

Speak with a Cloud Sales Specialist

WorkSpan powers hundreds of growing and mission critical cloud partnerships.
Wherever you're starting, we'd love to help with your cloud partnership goals.

Make a complete Cloud Sales Revenue plan

Cloud marketplaces drive higher win rates, larger deals, and shorter cycles.
Co-selling partnerships create low-cost, high converting cloud pipeline.
Make a revenue plan for your cloud partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition?

WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition is a comprehensive SaaS platform designed to streamline and enhance co-sell and marketplace operations with leading cloud hyperscalers like AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud. It offers solutions for automating co-sell processes, managing marketplace listings, and handling private offers efficiently.

How does WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition integrate with CRM systems?

WorkSpan integrates seamlessly with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Dynamics. This integration allows you to manage your marketplace transactions, co-sell opportunities, and private offers directly from your CRM, ensuring a unified and efficient workflow.

What are the key features of WorkSpan’s Co-Sell Automation?

WorkSpan’s Co-Sell Automation includes bi-directional sharing between your CRM and AWS ACE, automated creation and updates of opportunities, real-time KPI reports and dashboards, and robust data sharing controls with configurable security policies.

How does WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition support private offer management?

WorkSpan automates the creation and lifecycle management of private offers on cloud marketplaces. It integrates your CRM with marketplace portals, providing a consolidated view of operations and streamlining the onboarding process to minimize resource and technological costs.

Can WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition  help accelerate my marketplace launch?

Yes, WorkSpan’s Listing Management Service simplifies and accelerates the process of launching transactable offers on cloud marketplaces. With our in-depth knowledge of marketplace requirements and best practices, we help prepare your marketplace content, develop API integrations, conduct end-to-end testing, and provide post-launch support.

Ready to get started?

With quick marketplace listings and migrations, workflows that drive field adoption, and the only enterprise-grade co-sell automation engine on the market, WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition helps launch and scale the world’s most valuable cloud partnerships.