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WorkSpan Capabilities

Co-Sell Automation

Build first-class partner revenue processes that connect your systems, workflows, and sales team with your partners.

Connect your CRM to WorkSpan once and you can create virtual sales and data models that create repeatable, scalable, and measurable revenue processes with each of your participating co-sell partners.

Supported CRMs: 

Your partner revenue process is offline.

Your team is driving partner led, partner sourced, and partner influenced business. You see your company working with partner sales people to drive revenue, so you know it’s happening- you know there’s a partner revenue process.

But it exists in emails, notes from the lunch meeting, spreadsheets filled with atrophying data, and a couple of CRM fields on deal sourcing that might be contested with the marketing team.

Maybe some of the sales team sort of gets the partner revenue process, but it’s herding cats trying to align the whole field across the moving set of accounts and opportunities different partners are engaged on.

There’s a better way to grow your partnership.

Successful partnerships drive repeatable revenue with

WorkSpan Co-Sell Automation

Automated Triggers & Workflows

Translate your Partner Strategy Into Integrated Flows In your CRM
Automating workflows and integrating processes enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and improve coordination. This leads to better resource utilization, quicker response times, and stronger alignment on goals, ultimately strengthening the partnership and delivering greater value.

Day to day, automation and integration simplify management, reduce administrative tasks, and provide real-time insights. This allows partner managers to focus on strategic initiatives, quickly address issues, and enhance communication.
The secret to building a successful partnership is spending your time on the most Important tasks.

AI-Powered Universal Adaptor

Skip IT making changes to your opportunity object.
Pull cloud referral values from across your CRM.
WorkSpan’s virtual data model is like AI powered superglue, extending your existing data and sales model to support referral and offer creation across your partner systems. Minimizing data dependencies and IT delays gets your co-selling partnerships running faster and keeps it running smoother.
Create live formulas, dynamic values, and selective update logic for cloud referrals & offers.
Every partner has different fields and datatypes and their own definition of sales stages. WorkSpan’s data & process abstraction layer lets you map your co-selling process onto your existing CRM objects and sales process without having to change it for each partner you want to co-sell with.

Always In Sync

High throughput, API-based Integrations trusted by the world’s most valuable cloud partners.
With 1,000,000 co-selling opportunities synced, you can always rely on WorkSpan Co-sell Automation to manage your referral and private offer volume quickly and accurately. Real-time alerts, escalations, and powerful triage flows mean you can count on your cloud infrastructure even on the last day of the quarter.

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